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Every donation helps create a stronger Zoo and allows us to fulfill our commitment to education, conservation, animal care and serving the community. 


Your gift makes a difference! A general donation to the annual fund will allow us to support the Zoo where they need it most. 



Join in our efforts to build a new Farmyard at the Greenville Zoo. The newly designed Farmyard will showcase farm animals used on farms around the world and provide animal contact for guests!



Join the Friends Giving Society, a group made up of our most dedicated and passionate friends who truly understand the importance of maintaining a world-class zoo in Greenville. Donors who join the Friends Giving Society will receive special benefits, including a zoo membership, invitations to events hosted exclusively for Giving Society members, private behind-the-scenes experiences, animal encounters and more! Giving levels start at $500 per year, with each level having its own unique offerings. 

Friends Giving Society


The Greenville Zoo Foundation has an Amazon wish list where you can buy enrichment items for our zoo animals! Purchase an item and it can be shipped directly to the Zoo.

Amazon Wish List


The Charitable IRA Rollover (or sometimes referred to as Qualified Charitable Deductions) provides taxpayers 70 ½ or older with a mechanism for transferring their annual Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’s) directly to charitable organizations.

Contact your IRA plan administrator to make a gift from your IRA to Greenville Zoo Foundation. Your IRA funds will be directly transferred to our organization to help continue our important work.


Ask your fund administrator about making a one time distribution from your donor-advised fund to help support our organization. 


Remembering the Greenville Zoo in your estate planning leaves a lasting legacy and helps ensure the Zoo continues to be a source of education and inspiration for future generations.

With specific language in your will or trust, you may give cash, securities, life insurance and/or property.

Gifts can be designated to a specific area, or allowed to be used by the Zoo for the areas of greatest need. Whatever you decide, you can be sure the Greenville Zoo will comply with your wishes, providing you with a lasting legacy.

Please let us know you included the Greenville Zoo Foundation in your planning so we may thank you for your generosity by contacting Lydia Thomas, Executive Director, at 864.627.4200 or

The Greenville Zoo Foundation is a non-profit organization that serves as an independent community outreach group, whose purpose is to provide financial, resource and advocacy support for the needs of the Greenville Zoo.

As a 501(c)3 organization, the Greenville Zoo Foundation’s efforts assist the Zoo in completing its mission to service the Upstate of South Carolina by promoting an appreciation of nature and wildlife while providing innovative programs for education and conservation. (EIN: 57-0654589)

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